Truthbase Productions specializes in conveying the truth of your overall message, managing technical logistics and producing customized entertainment designed to reinforce your message.

At its best, the development of any corporate meeting or special event is an idea-driven and collaborative process. Regardless of the size of your event, there should be a cohesive flow from the walk-in music through to the final speaker. Truthbase Productions will assist in determining the best course of action and will assemble qualified creative and management teams to achieve your vision.

From the size of the venue to the technical requirements to the audience demographic to your allocated budget, each element should be thoughtfully taken into consideration when producing a multi-media event.

Our focus is on quality - quality in talent, creative designers, technical staff, production logistics and your overall experience.

Quality is built on well-established industry relationships with tried and true professionals who are experienced in conceiving, planning, troubleshooting and executing business meetings and special events.

Truthbase Productions can help you answer:
  • How can I best reinforce my overall theme when there are so many different factors to consider?
  • What kind of technical support is necessary to accommodate flawless speaker presentations as well as to highlight any specialty entertainment?
  • What kind of technical support exists in the venue already and does it need to be supplemented?
  • What are the venue’s union labor requirements and how can I maximize my budget while working within those requirements?
  • What is the perfect entertainment fit to support my message and provide my guests with a “wow” factor?
  • How can I find Broadway talent and musicians to perform at my event apart from the Broadway stage?
  • How can I impact my guests with a

Truthbase Productions will work with you creatively and logistically to provide a meaningful and seamless event for both you and your guests.